Revlon Self-Adhesive Lengthen Lash-L23
Revlon Self-Adhesive Lengthen Lash-L23
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Revlon Self-Adhesive Lengthen Lash-L23

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These stunning lashes will make heads turn with there ultra sleek length. A less dense and lighter in weight than existing lash fibers will give you the dramatic yet natural look you’ve been looking for.

The Oxy-Fiber/FeatherLite Technology delivers oxygen fabric material (vs. plastic band) for a more comfortable fit, breathability and lightweight lash.

TES Tips:

For Best Results: Use Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive for long last wear.

To Easy Removal: Use an oil based eye make-up remover to gently remove eyelashes. Wash with water to remove excess glue on eyelid